[Sca-cooks] Regrettably Poor Royal Judgement

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
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Welcome, Giano, to the shrubbery!

Twenty-eight years ago, last month, I too was pulled out of my kitchen at Coronation and made a Laurel.  I have been through a lot of what you mentioned and pulled through.  That you have done so also, to me, shows me how worthy you are for this honor.  I, like many of the cousins who has posted before me, also have greatly enjoyed all the help you have given this group and all the research that you have so openly shared with us.  I am so happy and proud to call you my Cousin!  Huzzah!  Hurraruf!

You have now done the easy part ... getting here.  From now on comes the hard part, being put on a pedastal and having everyone looking up at you when you forgot to put on underwear and your legs and feet are dirty. :-D Maintaining the illusion is very hard work and so is having your every word and burp treated as a bon mot.  But you are a smart man and a good one.  I know that you will do this with panache and charm.

As for your gifts to your helpers, a hug from you and a jar of homemade jam would be worth more than diamonds to me.  I am sure that they will treasure both.  Also, please share your feast text.  I know I will enjoy and learn from it greatly.



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> It is with a heavy heart that I must turn to the list to
> report on the deplorable lapse of judgement on the part of
> Drachenwald's crown. Yesterday they surpassed themselves by
> making known bookaholic and dangerously inept cake
> misdecorator Giano Balestriere a laurel. 
> I am sure you are as shocked as I was. 
> On a positive note, I am glad to report that my kitchen
> crew has passed through its trial-by-fire with extreme
> distinction. We came to a lovely, intimate site with space
> for maybe forty people comfortably - asked to cook for, by
> now, sixty. The site operators had promised us a clean and
> ready-to-use place, but if it hadn't been fpor a small
> advance team cleaning through the night, it would have been
> impossible to use. 
> There were two kitchens, regular home-kitchen size. In one,
> the stovetop was only powerful enough to heat opne
> medium-sized pot at a time. in the other, the oven blew out
> the main fuse whenever used. Plugging in more than one
> electric pot at a time also blew the main fuse, especially
> in the evening. Stick blenders could only be used in the
> bathroom or we'd back out. There was one useable cutting
> board and not enough serving gear. The refrigerator was tiny
> and weak. The eggs and chicken were delivered late, and
> their head cook got dragged away in the middle of
> preparations to sit uselessly in a tent somewhere. The
> assistant feast cook hasd to also take over lunch at the
> last minute when the lunch cook was rushed to hospital. The
> cooking laurel helicoptered in to hold everybody's hand
> during vigil had not been given the feast plan and work
> flowchart. Nonetheless, the feast was served
> a) on time
> b) broadly as advertised and 
> c) to general acclaim.  
> What do you do to reward that level of performance? I gave
> everybody a hug and a jar of homemade jam, and the royals
> gave them pins, but but it still feels woefully
> inadequate.  
> Giano
> PS: I have the feast booklet text if anyone is interested.
> The theme was late period hanseatic. 
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