[Sca-cooks] Summer Silly Season- Recipe Search Sites

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jul 24 12:14:38 PDT 2009

Before the season really gets underway, I thought maybe I should do 
something useful and share my list of
favorite recipe search sites.

Whenever I get asked to provide family favorite recipes in a 'seeking 
recipes chain email', or where do
I find recipes on the web, I always respond with this list.

Anyway I hope you all like it and find it useful. It might or might not 
answer something like easy peach custard recipes
but it's a place to start.

Johnnae (playing librarian)

Johnnae's list of recipe search sites:

Recipe Source used to be known as SOAR. http://www.recipesource.com/ 
It’s still a great site and is very useful.

Epicurious.com is the Online home of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. 
It has an advanced search and browse. Holidays get featured. 

http://www.foodnetwork.com/ is the Food Network and yes there is a 
recipe section buried among the clutter. It works well and if you are 
looking for a recipe you think you saw on the channel, you probably will 
be able to find it.

Martha’s television show and magazines still feature recipes. Online 
find several thousand recipes at

Featuring recipes from publications like Cooking Light, Southern Living, 
Coastal Living, Health and Sunset.It also searches other "Recipes From 
Around the Web"
One can "Check out other recipe sites without leaving MyRecipes.com!
We've already searched AllRecipes, Epicurious, Kraft Foods, and 
FoodNetwork for you."
Worth checking out anyway.

Another that has been highly recommended is www.recipezaar.com Has an 
advanced recipe search.

And for my another pick I’ll mention Google, which does a very good job 
at times for locating recipes where you have details or ingredients but 
not everything. By using advanced search you can search for ingredients 
and then eliminate other ingredients by using the “*without* the words” 
feature. I have read that people actually put in the ingredients that 
they have and ask Google to come up with a recipe. You may want to 
insert the word “recipe” into the search. It’s certainly fun to play with.
And of course with Google Books now up and running, you can always try a 
search in the books' section and look for recipes in
cookbooks that have been scanned. Some are up in full text. Others will 
often display a recipe and it can be copied out by hand or through
print page.

There are of course special subsets of recipes and some like 
http://www.allpierecipes.com/ are really good.
To find these, try searching with Google under recipe databases and then 

Hope this helps


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