[Sca-cooks] Looking for info on the Royal Progress of Henri II in1536

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Jul 25 17:58:25 PDT 2009

He wouldn't have had a royal progression.  Henry II of France was 17 and had 
only become the heir to the throne with the death of his brother, Francis, 
Duke of Brittany, on August 10, 1536.  He would not become king until 31 
March 1547 with the death of his father, Francis I.  His coronation was 25 
July 1547.

On 28 October 1533, at the age of fourteen, he married Catherine de Medici. 
According to Leonie Frieda in "Catheine de Medici," the marriage took place 
in Marseilles.

In the spring of 1536, Henry was involved with the taking of Savoy and the 
Piedmont in Northern Italy as part of his father's campaign against the 
Hapsburgs.  Emperor Charles V responded by invading Provence.  The war 
continued until stopped by an armistice in 1537, followed by a 10 year truce 
in 1538.  While I haven't been able to precisely locate him, Henry was 
probably in Northern Italy in October 1536.  He was almost certainly in the 
field during 1536-37, rather than being on a royal progression.


>I got an inquiry through the Florilegium that I have no answer for,  nor 
>any idea if such information exists.
> However, I'm hoping someone here can. Johnna, you seem to know where  to 
> find things?
> From Taliesin Couch, <taliesincouch944 at yahoo.com>:
> <<< I apologize for the brevity and lack of ceremony. I am under  intense 
> pressure to finish this project and I need a very small but  very 
> important  bit of info. Where can i find out what the real royal 
> progression of Henri II for france in October 1536. I need to kno  where 
> Henri was on 28th/29th October 1536. Thank you for any help.  Raven >>>
> Please remember that she is not on this list, so send her a copy by  email 
> at taliesincouch944 at yahoo.com
> However, I for one, would be interested in hearing how to find this  kind 
> of obscure information.
> Thanks,
>   Stefan

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