[Sca-cooks] Articles was Fine Spice Powder for Tarts?

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Jul 28 17:36:35 PDT 2009

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Johnnae said:
> <<< I have been working on spice recipes again too.
> This looks like the Pouldre Fine proportions from the version that the
> Scully's published in Early French Cookery. Let's see -- it's here in
> the old, old, version of my
> article from 2003.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/PLANTS/F-It-spce-mixs-art.text >>>
> "in the old, old, version of my article..."
> Uh oh. If you will let me know when you have updated an article of 
> yours which is in the Florilegium, and send me the updates or point me 
> to where they can be found, I will see about updating the version in 
> the Florilegium.
But Stefan the new one is 52 pages now!!! :-P

It's not quite the half dozen recipes that it was back in 2003. What I 
have done for the past couple years is use the original spice and herbs 
article and extend it into
a special book. Last year it was 32 pages. This year 52 pages. Then I 
add illustrations and print the book up into a number of copies (at my 
expense) so that Her Royal Majesty of the Midrealm can then distribute 
it at her
discretion in those various largess baskets that are handed out at the 
Pennsic War.
It's a little something that I can do since of course I can no longer 
attend. I have never even had the opportunity to even meet these Queens.
> This goes for anyone, not just Johnnae. It can take me a while :-( as 
> I do tend to give new articles priority, but unlike with print media 
> your articles are not frozen even after they are published.
> Of course, Johnnae has written and gotten so many articles published I 
> don't know how she can track it, much less remember which ones are 
> where. Stefan 
I keep a log. Both an annual record arranged by year and then a 
publications list since 2001.
(For all those earlier articles published between 1973 and 2001, well 
they are in a box. There are several dozen of those.)

That's how I know where submissions have gone and when. One kingdom took 
almost 3 years to publish the solicited articles; the deadline was years 
I have been told that articles of mine have appeared in another 
kingdom's A&S publication, but the author's copy never came.
All I have is the record of when and what I submitted, the thank you's, 
and a notice it was published.
Without a record I wouldn't be able to know immediately what had been 
With items in the Florilegium of course I find my articles being 
reprinted without notice ever being given too. Those have
to be accounted for eventually.
So many SCA publications
come and go, copies are lost between editors and changes in staff, etc. 
Email addresses change. I am always having to resend and resubmit
items that have been lost or gone astray.

I also update articles obsessively. If I find something new, I will add 
it to my original
article and eventually I will rewrite that article with all the new 
research and items added in. And as more books are added to Google
Books and EEBO, I keep updating my research as I discover more newly 
added items. I also rerun searches
that people have asked me about in case something new has appeared or a 
better answer is now available.
But that's the reference librarian speaking.

Numbers wise it adds up and maybe people find them useful. I don't know. 
I have been told on more than one
occasion that one needs a website and now an immediate Blog or online 
dairy and that writing for publications doesn't matter and it's all
a waste of time.

I guess I am just old fashioned enough to believe that books and 
periodicals and researched articles matter.


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