[Sca-cooks] Food for camping

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jul 31 14:33:40 PDT 2009

You don't indicate the number of people you would be cooking for in the 
That makes a big difference, just a couple, a couple and two kids, or a 
group of 10 or more.
And it often makes a great deal of difference what one has had to eat 
during the day as to
what works best for supper. After a heavy late lunch, a simple supper 
might be enough
and in that case a salad or an omelet might be all that is needed. Or a 
pbj sandwich might do.
Have you polled everyone that you will be cooking for as to what they 
want and expect?

You also don't mention how large a cooler you have, if it's one of those 
super cooling
coolers that will keep frozen foods cold for 5 days, or if you have 
access to dry ice.
Many find that a cooler with dry ice that is not opened will keep foods 
cold for several days.
The other alternative is seal a meal and freeze those meals ahead for 
the week.

I presume you aren't going to try and keep ice for drinks or juice in a 

If period food is not necessary, of course there are any number of 
backpacking or camping meals
that are made up with water on site. Check out REI or Campmor 

Do you have access to fresh vegies or a farmstand or can you make trips 
into a town to
replenish ice and bread?


brooke white wrote:
>  some suggestions for
> (acceptable) food for camping. We have only very limited cooling space,....
> but this year we will be at an event for almost a week, probably sunny
> weather and our own tent. Lunch and Breakfast is provided, so what shhoudl I
> plan for the evenings without feast... 

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