[Sca-cooks] pressed sugar

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jul 31 19:34:14 PDT 2009

Here are two more sugar recipes that are typical:

To make Walnuts artificial.

Take searsed Sugar, and Cinnamon, of quantity alike, work it up with a 
little Gum Dragon, steep it in Rose-water, and print it in a mould made 
like a Walnut-shell, then take white sugar plates, print it in a mould 
made like a Walnut kernel, so when they are both dry, close them up 
together with a little Gum Dragon betwixt, and they will dry as they lie.

To make artificiall Fruits.
Take a Mould made of Alablaster, three yolks, and tie two pieces 
together, and lay them in water an hour, and take as much sugar as will 
fill up your mould, and boil it in a Manus Christi, then pour it into 
your mould suddenly, and clap on the lid, round it about with your hand, 
and it will be whole and hollow, then colour it with what colour you 
please, half red, or half yellow, and you may yellow it with a little 
Saffron steept in water.

The Queens closet opened 1659

With our quality of sugar these days, it's possible for us to be able to 
mold sugar with just water or with egg whites and a bit of water
and then mold things like Easter eggs.


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