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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Jul 31 22:27:33 PDT 2009

<<< I was wondering If you could help me out with some suggestions for
(acceptable) food for camping. We have only very limited cooling  
space, so I
tend to bring fruit which doesn't perish too quickly, some nuts and  
but this year we will be at an event for almost a week, probably sunny
weather and our own tent. >>>

Here are a couple of Florilegium files which might prove useful.

In the FEASTS section:
Picnic-Basket-art (26K)  5/21/08    "A Pilgrim's Picnic Basket" by  
                                        Gideanus Adamantius, O.L.
picnic-feasts-msg (22K)  7/16/09  Ideas for light, picnic style feasts.

In the FOOD section:
bag-cooking-msg   (50K)  4/25/08    Using plastic bags to warm pre- 
cooked foods
                                        at SCA events.
     (cook the food at home, freeze in plastic bags and then simply  
boil the bags in a pot of boiling water. Might be good for the first  
few days when you are still trying to get your camp kitchen set up)

caldron-cookg-msg  (5K)  5/ 9/02    Cooking foods in a caldron over an  
open fire
Camp-Cooking-art   (8K) 12/ 4/00    "Camp Cooking" by Lady Caointiarn.
M-Camp-Cookng-art (11K) 10/ 2/01    "More Camp Cooking" by Lady  
                                        Some simple one-pot meals.
campfood-msg      (84K)  3/ 3/99    Non-refrig., period food for  
camping events.
cook-ovr-fire-msg (68K)  6/ 8/09  Cooking over open fires. Outdoor  
egg-storage-msg   (17K)  9/10/04  Period and modern raw egg storage.
    (Eggs don't need to be refrigerated if kept in their shells. Just  
keep them cool)

food-storage-msg  (88K) 12/29/08  Storing and preserving food in  
period. Non-
                                      refrigerated food for camping  
and Pennsic.
Lrds-Salt-Exp-art (15K)  9/11/00    "Lord's Salt Experiment" by Lady  
    (pickled meat. A good way to keep meat with refrigeration, so long  
as you can soak it or use it in a food item which already has vinegar  
in it.)

Opn-Fr-Cookry-art (26K)  6/23/07    "Outdoor Open Fire Cookery" by  
Count Sir
                                        Gunthar Jonsson, CIM.
pickled-foods-msg (152K) 2/19/09    Medieval pickled food. recipes.

In the FOOD-MEATS section:
Calontr-Jerky-art  (6K) 11/15/08    "Sex Red Wine Jerky - the Calontir  
                                        Standard" by Bns. Jenna of  
pickled-meats-msg (60K)  3/20/08    Period pickled meats. Lord's Salt.  

I hope this helps.

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