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LOL! I avoid it because of the phyto-estrogens, primarily.
(and the fat calories)
p.s.  Have a vegetarian friend that the hospital tried to feed Jello to, and 
the nutritionist just *didn't* get the objection about where the gelatin in 
it came from....

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> On Jun 1, 2009, at 10:30 AM, Susan Fox wrote:
> > I once had to explain to a certified nutritionist that Tofu was not
> > a dairy product and describe the entire manufacturing process to
> > her.  That's when I gave up certified nutritionists.  ::headdesk::
> > My protege's lady is in school to become one, even though I've told
> > her repeatedly that she is already overqualified.
> I kid you not. Dateline, last year, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York
> City, one of the best hospitals in the world. All things are as they
> were, but today, You Are There:
> Nutritionist: Now you have to watch out for some hidden calories in
> tofu -- most people just assume it's always low in calories.
> Patient: Really? I'm surprised. I always understood it was high in
> protein and calcium, easy to digest, and comparatively low in fat.
> Where do the hidden calories come from?
> Nutritionist: They come from soy.
> Patient: Soy?
> Nutritionist: Soy.
> Patient: I'm sorry, I must not be understanding you. I mean, what is
> it in the tofu that is the source of the calories? I mean, is it fat,
> sugar, starches, some kind of complex carbohydrate, what? Obviously
> it's going to have some caloric value, but what, specifically, is it
> that makes it so calorie-laden in such an unexpected manner? I know
> things like Tofutti can be very highly caloric, but they have a lot of
> stuff added to them...
> Nutritionist [checks computer display for inspiration]:
> Ummm... ... ...soy...
> Patient: What do you mean, 'soy'? Is there something in soybeans I
> should know about?
> Nutritionist: Soybeans are very high in... soy.
> This is the same lady to whom it had never occurred that Jello is
> called Jello because it either does, or once did, contain gelatin,
> which is a protein source.
> She probably earns more in a year than my family.
> Adamantius

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