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Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Wed Jun 3 10:27:25 PDT 2009

We once made Almond milk for Pudding and had whole unshelld almonds, shelled 
in hot water, purred still wet in a Blender and added water as necessary, 
left to stand a bit (can't remeber how long). Then strained through a 
cheescloth and REALLY pressed all the liquid from it. repest until you cant 
get anything more out of the ground almonds (we used those sucked out 
almonds as sauce thickener)

This was then used to make almond pudding: (Mondseer Kochbuch, transcript 
Doris Aicholzer in "wildu machen ayn guet essen" #73 "wie man macht ain mous 
von veyöl"

In this book  you can find 4 recipes with almond cheese, 5 with mus, 49 with 
almond milk and 2 with topfen /ziger a sort of creamcheese from the 3 
manuscripts the Mondsseer and dorother cookbook have both a bit more than 
20, the Innsbrucker sript has only 9.

Just by scimming through I found some with detailed instructions, like the 
ones from Cariadoc.

As far as I can remember we used Cariadoc recipe:


Scroll down to the end of page

btw I  put: almond milk recipe Cariadoc in my g.... serch engine and got 428 
citations ;-)

And just for fun:

I just found this on the net:

Nut and Almondmilk recipes on


Regards Katharina

ad flumen caerulum

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