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*curie* (n.(1)) Also *kewery*, *cure*, *curry*.

    [OF *quev(e)rie*; cp. F *queux* a cook.]

(a) Culinary art, cuisine; *cokes ~*; (b) a fine dish; *~ of courte.*

    *(a)*  *(a1387) Trev. /Higd./(StJ-C H.1)*

    1.405:  They conne ete and be mury Wiþ oute grete kewery [L Coquorum

*(a1399) /Form Cury/ (Add 5016)*  title:  The Forme of Cury.

*c1440(?a1400) /Morte Arth.(1)/ (Thrn)*
    1063:  Foully thow fedys the..Here es cury vn-clene.

*a1475 /Liber Cocorum/ (Sln 1986)*
    p.1:  Of craft..þat tase grete lore In court, þat men calles cure
    [rime: degre].

*a1475 /Liber Cocorum/ (Sln 1986)*
    p.5:  Now sly3tes of cure wylle I preche.

*a1475 Russell /Bk.Nurt./(Hrl 4011)*
    375:  Þat y myghte..know þe kervynge of fische & flesche, aftur
    cockes cure [rime: sure].

*a1475 Russell /Bk.Nurt./(Hrl 4011)*
    513:  Some maner cury of Cookes crafft Sotelly y haue espied, how
    þeire dischmetes ar dressid with hony.

*a1500 /Feast Tott./(Cmb Ff.5.48)*
    269,275:  Bell clapurs in blawndisare With a nobull cury, For tho
    that ete no fish..blobsterdis in white sorre Was of a nobull curry,
    With spicery strong.

    *(b)*  *c1450(?a1400) /Wars Alex./(Ashm 44)*
    4275:  Haue we no cures of courte ne na comite [read: cointe] sewes,
    Swanes ne na swete thing.

*a1475 Russell /Bk.Nurt./(Hrl 4011)*
    506:  Cookes with þeire newe conceytes..Many new curies alle day þey
    ar contryvynge.


Stefan li Rous wrote:
> I don't remember what "Cury" means in medieval English but it has 
> little or nothing to do with the so-called Indian curry mixes.
> Stefan 

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