[Sca-cooks] Hansen's Disease/leprosy was Hroar is home!!!

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu Jun 4 11:47:30 PDT 2009

First of all, let's change the subject line.
We are rather far adrift from welcoming Master Hroar home to a
discussion of leprosy.

I just checked the Library of Congress catalog and the subject heading
in use is Leprosy.Hansen's disease is a See: Leprosy entry for cataloging.

As regards leprosy, there are hundreds of books, dissertations, and
articles on the topic. What is it that you want?
If I give you citations to articles in JSTOR, do you have access to that
database? Do you have
access to a local university library and a good reference collection?
Starting with the
Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages / edited by Andre Vauchez in conjunction
with Barrie Dobson and Michael Lapidge ; English translation by Adrian
might be a good place to start and provide you with what information it
is that you are seeking. How in depth do you want to go?
There's also:
Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages.
/The Encyclopedia of the Renaissance/, ed. Paul F. Grendler. Scribner’s,
2000 or the
Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Medieval World.
CUP and OUP have relevant volumes also.

Or how about
Medieval Science, Technology, and Medicine: An Encyclopedia (Routledge
Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages)

Another place to start would be to explore the medical literature. Do
you have access to a medical library?
The history of medicine can be very fascinating. There are titles like:
Leprosy in Premodern Medicine: A Malady of the Whole Body
or Leprosy and Empire: A Medical and Cultural History (Cambridge Social
and Cultural Histories)
or Leprosy in Medieval England.

How much research and reading do you want to do? How much time do you 
want to invest?

The librarians on this list can certainly provide you with the titles so
you can research this subject on your own.

Johnnae (playing librarian)

Ian Kusz wrote:
> I talked to some guy, who claimed to have it from a good source, that ANY
> skin condition was lumped under "leprosy."
> I realize that Jesus healing the man with dandruff doesn't have the kick of
> healing a man with leprosy, but I'm pretty sure that some people at
> Johnson's and Johnsons would love to talk to him.  They have a treatment
> (shampoo), but not a cure.
> The question is, would they try to silence him, to preserve their dandruff
> shampoo sales, or exploit him for a new product?
> Anyway, can anyone verify this, at all?  I mean, I realize that ancient and
> medieval diagnoses are inexact, but I can't imagine the rather extreme
> conditions of the one being mistaken for much else, all that often.  Or a
> mild skin rash being thought to be leprosy.
> Granted, some of the stuff is secondary to the disease, and not primary
> symptoms, but, I hope you know what I mean.
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: G. Tacitus Adamantius" 
>>> On Jun 3, 2009, at 8:42 PM, Ian Kusz wrote:
>>>> Or "Beware of the leper." YMMV, depending on the person.
>>> We don't have lepers anymore, because we don't have leprosy anymore.
>>> We do, however, have sufferers of Hansen's Disease.
>>> I guess that doesn't cause kids to go around singing, "MMMBop" (or
>>> whatever it was), because if it did, the colonies, the bells, and the
>>> cries of "Unclean!" seem entirely appropriate...
>>> Adamantius

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