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Hello Elisande,

There are at least two military (modern) cookbooks out there with recipes 
for 100 people:

The Austrian:

Die besten Rezepte der Österreichischen Bundesheerköche, Die Gulaschkanone 
oder Menage á la carte,  ISBN 3-85333-055-X, Verlag austria medien service,

This book does have recipes for 4 and 100 side by side.

Just to illustrate the difference here is a recipe for a Carinthian 
"Kirchtagssuppe" (served on a Patron Saint feast day) wich resembles some of 
the hodgepot/olla potrida soups:

Gailtaler Kirchtagssuppe

                                        4 persons        100persons
whole Chicken                    1/2                     12
 shoulder of calf                    150g              3.75kg
schoulder of pig                    150g              3.75kg
Soupvegetable (premix)          1
Carrots                                    1                    5kg
celery (root)                        1 small                1.5kg
onions                                1/2                        1kg

Spices: cloves, aniseed, pepper, bay leaf (laurel), salt to taste for both
sourcream                        500ml                    10l
eggyolk                                2                        50
flour                                    1 tbs                    0.5kg

Water                                1.5l                        adjust to 
pot and cover meat

Cook the meat,  vegetable and spices till teh meat is soft and through.
Strain soup, set meat aside and let soup cool enough to get rid of the 
excess fat.

Cut the meat and vegeatble in bite sized pieces.
Reheat soup and mix the sourcream with teh eggyolk and flour, pour slowly 
into soup under continous stirring, let simmer.
 put the cut meat and vegetable in to the soup and serve.

And the swiss military cook book (i only have a coppy of this):

Behelf des Öberkriegskommissärs über die Kochrezepte vom 31. Juli 1992

this  book does have a chapter on qantities   per portion (which you should 
adjust according to wheater, and activities)

various food an beverages
breakfast beverages                  300ml
various other beverages            500ml
soups                                       200ml
sauces for meat                        100ml
grated cheese                            20g  (this is a SWISS book after 
all ;-))
bread for main and side dishes    40g

butter                   10-20g
jam/preserves       20-30g
cheese                  30g
cereals/milk           50g/100ml
bread                    80-100g

Lemon water cold

fresh lemon juice 3l  (about 60 lemons)  or 1l concentrated juice
water                30l
sugar                2kg

heat water , dissolve sugar in the hot water, let cool add lemonjuice, chill

but you could serve it hot also.

another one:


oat flakes (rolled)         3kg
milk                            9l
sugar                            2.5kg
cinnamon powder            20g
water                            12l
salt                                50g

boil water with milk and salt.
add oats under constant stirring and let it boil up once.
set aside for at least 20 min before serving
adjust taste
 mix sugar/cinnamon  and extra.

We did a very nice chicken you can even prepare in advance  from

Das Kochbuch des Mittelalters by Trude Ehlert Artemis, ISBN 376081025X

filled chicken, cooked and baked

original from the Küchenmeisterei Nürnberg 1490,

Here you debone the chicken, fill it, resew it, cook it in a wine/soup mix 
(at that point we froze the stuff) and then bake it in an oven. a standard 
chicken feeds about 8-10 cut in slices and if you use bread filling: instant 
vegetarian food to add as you will have extra you can cook.

You will need to add a sauce

No waste from bone, had  good succsess at various events with this.

Hope that helps

Ad flumen careulum

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> Thank you this is very helpful. All sugestions. Jenn's comment gives me a
> clear option for planning, but the other comment were helpful since I can
> use them to adjust. I am also now delving into the *seasonal* aspect of
> planning by looking for recipies including chestnuts or chestnut flour,
> sloes and rotabaga...first weekend of december.. In drachenwald that would
> be the least *variety* date you could possibly get... red cabbage and the
> classics I know from, mundane cooking, but the more exotic stuff...is a
> challengeThank you for your help
> Elisande

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