[Sca-cooks] newbee cook attempting feast for the first time indecember

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri Jun 5 14:11:03 PDT 2009

My personal rule of thumb for a feast is 12 dishes (in three courses) and 
roughly 4 ounces of each per person.  Of the 12 dishes, two or three will be 
some kind of meat and two will be bread.  One will be a sweet and the rest 
will be some kind of appropriate side, often vegetable or fruit based.  I 
try to establish a pleasing mix of tastes, texture and colors, with enough 
variation that both carnivores and vegetarians can eat and be satisfied. 
Yes this usually produces more food than can be eaten, but if the feast is 
break even or profitable, I'm not greatly concerned.

As for advice, a great feast is more about logistics than cooking.  Good 
plain fare, served on time and and at temperature, is superior to the 
fanciest fare that doesn't quite make it to the table in good order.


> Is it really sensible to make *1* per person? how much such *each person*
> have per meal? I find that my old cooking infos usually overdo it these
> estimates. Ususally because the servings are considered to be part of a 
> one
> course meal with maybe dessert. But I am feeding everybody the whole day,
> and IME the need for calorie intake depends on what you had during the day
> as well as on your activities. I did a fairly good estimate for 35 people
> over a weekend but that did NOT include a feast (we did a byob) now, I am
> dealing with a prospect of 60.
> Is there any rule of thumb? I was considering making more diverse dishes 
> in
> smaller portions. but that might actually result in some people not 
> getting
> some dishes which your survey pointed out as *difficult*.
> I would very much appreciate any advise on this matter. I am going to 
> serve
> a big sotelties-cake from a modern recipe covered in blackened Marzipan so 
> I
> know that nobody needs to go to bead hungry but I *of course* want to do 
> it
> right , sigh. Thank you for any pointer to other resources or direct 
> advise
> that you can give me
> Yours
> In service to the dream
> Elisande

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