[Sca-cooks] Brown Ale - was, Re: newbee cook attempting feast for the first timeindecember

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri Jun 5 17:41:10 PDT 2009

> On Jun 5, 2009, at 5:34 PM, Terry Decker wrote:
>> So what kind of feast is thoroughly documented good food served at 
>> appropriate temperature on time and in good order with 1503 brown  ale to 
>> wash it down?
>> Bear
> You know, I'm not finding a lot of evidence for toasting of malt 
> (although pale malt can give you an amber beer).
> Do we have any strong evidence for the existence of dark malts in  period? 
> I'm pretty sure Digby and Plat never specify what kind of malt  to use, or 
> how to make it, and Markham tells how to make it, but never  says anything 
> (that I can recall) about roasting it; as far as I know,  what he's using 
> is raw, white malt.
> So what's making all this alleged late-medieval nut-brown ale brown?  Or 
> is it another of those "X is period, so anything in the category of  X 
> must be period" thingies?
> Adamantius

According to the brewer who makes the 1503, the product is developed from a 
recipe with that date.  I haven't reviewed the documentation, so I can't 
speak to the accuracy of the reproduction.


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