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Unfortunately (or not), I was born late enough that my grandfather was no longer slaughtering and smoking on the farm -- BUT I was still raised to think of pig's trotters as including the hooves, ankle ("knuckles"), and some portion of the leg above, but not usually rising to the level of the knee.  


Pickled pig's feet as I have seen them sold modernly generally do not include the hoof itself, just the ankle and fleshy parts just above and just below -- but may also be labelled "pickled pig's knuckles" in that case. 

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> Subject: [Sca-cooks] Please Define Trotter
> Dictionaries define trotter as pig or lamb's feet. In the slaughter I 
> refer to the hooves, not feet when the slaughter man is shopping up this 
> area. He gives me what I call trotters, the area he chops off with a 
> hatchet between the hoof and the lower joint of the leg. How would you 
> properly define trotter?
> Suey

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