[Sca-cooks] newbee cook attempting feast for the first time in december

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  Susan Lin <Shoshanna at caergalen.org> wrote:

> I have also found that if soup is served as a first 
>course people think you
> are just trying to fill them up so they don't eat as 
>much of "the good
> stuff" even if the soup is very yummy.   So, not as much 
>of the soup gets
> eaten.

the logistics of soup are interesting in a served feast as 
well.  do you roll it around in a pot on a cart, slosh it 
in a bowl, or glop/plot it from a pitcher? 8)

in a donation, serve yourself style lunch soup is great. 
 but at a feast it can be tedious and time (almost typed 
thyme) consuming.   the smaller the feast, the easier it 
is to use, but soup between courses for a large feast... 
 i'd prefer a salat for the palate cleanser.

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