[Sca-cooks] newbee cook attempting feast for the first time indecember

Gwen Barclay gwenb at cvtv.net
Mon Jun 8 14:24:59 PDT 2009


I want to be sure that people who are doing food estimates for the feasts know about the book, Food for 50.  It is an excellent source for quantities and yields of primary ingredients.  There are voluminous tables/charts etc.that are very useful.  One that I found useful was the yield of foods when prepared: 1 # rice = 2 1/2 cups cooked, as well as weight before cooking and after.  

The recipes are helpful as basic outlines which can be adjusted and updated...or would that be predated?  I could not get along without it in my job as Director of Food Service for a music festival, which feeds about 130 hungry students 3 meals a day, plus other special events.

The book was first published in 1937, with new additions every few years. The latest copy includes many current ingredients and dishes...such as fajitas!  Not exactly Period, but interesting.

The book should be of help to beginners figuring out quantities.  It is available through Amazon, and was about $40 - 50 last time I checked.


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