[Sca-cooks] Looking for a herb book

Caointiarn caointiarn1 at bresnan.net
Fri Jun 12 17:21:32 PDT 2009

Thank you Johnnae and Eduardo!  All 3 will be a start in choosing the right
one.  I think she will be happy just using her herbs in her daily cooking
for now.  


A rather expensive one is  The Herbalist in the Kitchen (The Food 
Series) (Hardcover) by Gary Allen 
Would something like Jill Norman's Herbs & Spices: The Cook's Reference or
The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Spices, & Flavorings (Hardcover) by Elisabeth 
Lambert Ortiz   
It depends a great deal on what she wants to do with her herbs, such as 
potpourris,  teas, preserving, just cooking them
fresh in dishes??


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