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<<Indoors, I'd just use a broiler and grill it that way.  Or possibly use
either a stovetop grilling pan or one of the many available electric
grillers.  I'm not sure what your indoor capabilities are, but that'd be my
thought >>
I'm talking about cooking in camp at Pennsic, not at home.  "Indoors", in 
this case, meaning on a propane camp stove in a kitchen tent.  So no broiler 
or electric grill.  We own a small stove-top grill pan, but not big enough 
to cope with fish for 8 adults, and it's not part of our array of camp 
cooking utensils.
<<Another possibility is to take salmon and smoke it ahead of time,
then serve it cold, day of.  That also has worked very well for me.  You
could smoke it as soon as you purchase it, then keep it refrigerated until
you need it.  A nice dill sauce (I haven't looked them up but feel certain
that there are period recipes for this) would be wonderful with it.>>
Cold smoked salmon would be tasty at Pennsic, but we'd have to buy it 
smoked and use it that day.

<<So far as the fish going bad, you've got a point.  I understand (from one 
Alton Brown's programs) that freezing a fish doesn't really hurt it...it's
just the refreezing, which isn't good to do anyway  So find somewhere you
can get the fish fresh, then, if needed, freeze it, thawing it out just in
time to use it>>
Again, we're in camp.  No way to freeze it.  Buy it frozen, maybe, and hope 
it doesn't thaw until the next day's dinner time, but I'd rather buy it 
fresh, throw it in a cooler until I get back to camp, and cook it immediately 
if I'm going to use it.
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