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<<At Pennsic we cook on the fire come rain or shine.  We have a bunch of
skillful pyro's who like nothing more than the challenge of starting a fire
in a firepit full of water.>>
Oh, we have the required pyro, too - my husband.  It's the two primary 
cooks who don't appreciate getting soaked while cooking dinner.

<<that being said - we have people who spend all of Pennsic cooking in foil
pouches.  Almost anything can be cooked in a foil pouch and if you don't
have a grill to put it on you can throw it in or close to the fire and it'll
cook nicely.>>
Yep, we use this technique at home on the charcoal grill all the time.  But 
again, it's a little touch to make a foil pouch to handle food for 8-10 
people all at once, and we usually cook a single meal and share it out.  Now I 
could see using this technique to accomodate for rain when shish kebabs are 
planned, since the kebabs would stay dry inside the foil.  Hadn't thought of 

<<If you have a double burner griddle pan (we have a cast iron one) it'll 
over a 2 burner coleman stove without a problem.  then you can can make
anything from pancakes to steak/fish, anything really.  Even if you only
have a single one you can cook in batches.>>
Don't have one of those - but we do have a cast iron waffle maker that we 
found at a yard sale!  Flips over properly and everything.  Looking forward 
to playing with that.
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