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<<What I'm suggesting is that you smoke it at home and store it in your 
until you need it.  It'll already be cooked so it shouldn't go bad
especially if you keep the cooler well-stocked with ice.

My thought was that you could freeze it at home, keep it in a place in a
cooler that doesn't get opened very often.  If you freeze an entire loin
it'll probably have enough mass to stay frozen for several days.>>
I see that there is a relevant piece of information that I forgot to 
My husband is on Land staff.
We arrive at Pennsic a minimum of two days before Land Grab (last year it 
was 4 days before Land Grab) and stay for the full two weeks.  Those first 
few days before War starts, dinners are provided for the staff.  We don't need 
to start cooking on our own until Land Grab Day, and since the rest of our 
camp arrives that day and Sunday, and the primary pyro is unavailable due to 
his staff duties for most of both of those days, no serious camp cookery is 
going to start before the first Monday at the very earliest.  No fish is 
going to keep in my cooler for 4-5 days or more, cooked, frozen, or not.
This also relates to the remainder of my dilemma.   For the first few days 
of war, we will have frozen meats brought by our camp mates.  But after 
that, we're on town runs every few days, meaning we're storing fresh meats in 
the cooler.  We're fanatical about keeping them well-iced, but I'm still 
unwilling to store fresh meat for more than 2, maybe three days at the most.  So 
if we planned spitted chicken for the second day, and it rains, I need to be 
able to do something with that chicken so we don't have to pitch it.  And 
since I don't butcher well, I'd prefer to be able to do something with the 
whole chicken rather than having to cut it up.
Vegetarian would probably work better than storing meat, but we've got too 
many dedicated carnivores with very limited vegetable preferences for it to 
be our mainstay.  (It divides along gender lines; the men are the 
carnivores/limited veggie eaters and the women would be happy with a small amount of 
meat every few days and LOTS of veggies and other non-meat items otherwise.)
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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