[Sca-cooks] Cloned website

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Tue Jun 23 07:40:44 PDT 2009

>>Their long list of online cookbooks mostly point to sources off 
>>their site, I didn't notice other work being copied, but I didn't 
>>check everything.  It looks like a useful site... other than the 
>>stealing part.
>>In spite of the name,  I don't think the site is related to Dover Books.
>You are assuming theft.  It is possible they have permission to 
>publish, although that is not explicitly stated on the website.  The 
>best thing would be to let Charles Perry know and let him decide.
You are right, it is possible that they have permission, but I didn't 
think it is likely.

I know there are people on this list who have done translations.  I 
wanted to bring this to their attention, so they can check if their 
translations have also been "borrowed".

I've had rather a bad night, and the way you phrased this makes me 
feel quite rebuked and unhappy, but I will assume that we both meant 
well, and that is a problem with the media we use.


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