[Sca-cooks] An overlooked feast day of culinary significance...

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jun 26 08:33:19 PDT 2009

Ah yes, the 24th of June. Arise at 4 am in Shanghai, go to airport,
plane leaves at 8:30 am. We arrive back in USA and land at 9:30 am still
on the 24th. I suppose someplace in all those extra hours of the 24th
I should have had time to gather green walnuts. I did manage to
 gather up the luggage and gather up the needed receipts for the customs 
That's about all the gathering I was up to.

BTW, The last Compleat Anachronist was on St. John's Day. I don't know
if anyone saw it or not.


Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> Hullo, the list!
> I missed this one, although I did think of it at the time, but there's 
> been this 
> high-school-graduating-and-moving-to-another-city-to-go-to-college 
> Evil Spawn to deal with, so I promised myself I'd post something to 
> mark the occasion at my earliest opportunity, which was now.
> Wednesday, June 24th, was the feast of Saint John the Baptist.
> Well, enjoy your cherries, your compost, and your herring!
> Adamantius 

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