[Sca-cooks] OOP Question: Baked Fish

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 29 04:09:43 PDT 2009

I must admit to being terminally clueless about cartfish, but I know that trout bakes/grills well with a baste of olive oil, white vinegar and salt. It's actually designed to go with white seafish, you may want to tray it with that, too. 

Dry mustard goes marevellously with some stronger-tasting fish IMO. Don't know about catfish. 

Other than that I can't think of any favourite recipe that does not involve nuts, cheese, or breading, I'm afraid. 



--- Celia des Archier <CeliadesArchier at cox.net> schrieb am Mo, 29.6.2009:

> I've just been diagnosed as diabetic (Type II), and am
> changing my diet to
> include more fish.  But I'm in a quandary, since I
> grew up primarily on fried
> fish, and I'm trying to move towards healthier, baked
> versions, which do not
> include breading or grain based coatings.  I love
> fried catfish and trout... I
> tend towards enjoying sweet, white fish.  I grew up on
> all my fish coated with
> corn meal and have rarely had baked fish, but do not object
> to baking fish...
> I just don't know how to season it!  I don't really
> care much for either lemon
> pepper or dill, and these are the two standards I've seen
> for seasoning baked
> fish.  (I'll be trying butter and garlic, of course,
> and looking in cookbooks,
> but that's pretty much the end of my fish repertoire.) 
> So I'd like to hear from our marvelous chefs here
> recommendations for fast,
> easy, simple ways to prepare baked fish, and different
> types of fish that
> someone who has pretty much been limited to eating catfish
> and trout would
> like.  Period suggestions would be a bonus, but since
> this is for my health,
> OOP suggestions would also be welcome. 
> Thanks in advance for your suggestions... I always learn so
> much from this
> list!


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