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rattkitten rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 29 20:55:18 PDT 2009

LOL well normally I wouldn't have done that either but... We (read she) 
are in our yearly diet mode... dropping from 140ish to 120highish... I 
also drop weight as well but it is generally inadvertent... (I am not 
lucky enough to gain that much weight so I don't get to drop it... Not 
really bitching just stating I actually have to be careful during these 
months and eat a few carbs and this is actually when I try to tone a bit 
so that what muscle and form I have looks a bit better....) So we are 
both working....
Anyways the recipe... yeah it kicks ass...

Origins... I want to say one of the issues of Bon Appetite from this 
year for the Fish Idea of it sitting and cooking on the greens... it was 
originally Mahi Mahi but I had Salmon on Hand... (Still the same bag as 
a Matter of Fact... so it was obviously a spring summer issue) and the 
Cucumber "Pasta" came from an issue of either Bon Appetite or Gourmet 
Magazine from Last Summer

Both recipes can be found on www.epicurious.com but it might take some 
Oh and the tzatziki was just because I had it in the fridge and needed 
to use it...
For Home eating I recommend just pouring it in and adding in some slurry 
to thicken it...
But if you want presentation...
Then add in to the "Noodles" some cucumber cubes, remove the salmon 
before adding the sauce, pouring a little sauce in and adding slurry to 
thicken it, then puree the crap out of the remaining sauce and putting 
it into a squeeze bottle to flourish around the plates....
Swirly designs etc...

Bobby Flay Kiss My ASS.... lol

EITHER way try topping it with Purple Basil!!!! It looks beautiful.... 
(Is what I did tonight...)
Oh I also added sprigs of Mint, Oregano, Rosemary, and some whole Green 
and Purple Basil Leaves when I added the fish.... but I removed them 
after the fish was cooked... they were for flavor and what I had in the 
garden. I topped it off with a (well crap I can't get the term out of my 
brain.... I know it is there and it will come to me in about 45 minutes 
after I send this... but everyone just insert it here....and don't 
remind me about this....) of Green and Purple Basil... (Roll them and 
chop them into ribbons...)

Also try adding in a chiffonad AH HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   THAT'S THE DAMN 
Of Swiss Chard as well to the Cucumber Noodles... when cooking....
So for the record... it wasn't 45 mins...
it was 45 seconds....
and it is
add in a Chiffonad of Swiss Chard to the Cucumber noodles. At the 
and A Chiffonad of Basil (Your choice of colors...) at the end.

Spelling is still probably off... but at least I got the damn term......

Of course my next step is to try adding in feta....

But then hey I have been known to make a Flaming Peep Creme Brulee 
Pie... While Camping... So I am probably weird....


Celia des Archier wrote:
> Oh, wow!  Yummm!  Something I would have never thought of, but I *love* Greek
> food, and cucumbers and tzatziki, so I'll definitely have to try this one some
> time soon. 
> Thanks!
> ~ Celia

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