[Sca-cooks] Candying Nutmegs: Was Break the Pot

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Sun Nov 1 00:05:47 PDT 2009

My apologies for not following this thread but this post caught my eye. The
nutmeg has fruit surrounding the nut and the Indonisians candy it.
Could the fruit be what the recipe is calling to be candied?
Fruit, mace and nut


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Adamantius wrote:
 >Cracking a whole one with my teeth is another story. But I suspect
 >candied ones behave differently, and are probably sliced before
 >candying, exposing at least some of the softer insides.

Seems to me I read somewhere about soaking the harder, larger items in
either wine or something else for a while before candying them.  This
included spices like cubebs and nutmeg.  Can't recall the source now.
My thought at the time was that this was to soften the larger item so
that it would be more "edible".

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