[Sca-cooks] Recommendations for Middle Latin dictionaries

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Mon Nov 2 10:11:18 PST 2009

Habel/Gröbel, Mittellateinisches Glossar

Niermeyer is also helpful.

Diefenbach, "Glossarium latino-germanicum mediae et infimae aetatis" (1857)  and his "Novum glossarum ..." (1867) collect the medieval and early modern latin-german glossary entries in manuscripts of the time.

The small Taschen-Heinichen mentions also a good deal of medieval word meanings.

Did you check, whether or not Laurioux in his edition of Jean de Bockenheym has a glossary? I don't have the xerox at hand, but I think so. (The paper is online, as I mentioned a few weeks ago.)

Then there is:


For plant names, you best check the herbals, e.g. the "Herbal of Rufinus", and the medical text about simplicia.



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