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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Nov 2 21:21:38 PST 2009

Giano asked:
<<< I'm progressing with my translation of the Omnia cibaria, but have  
run into a wall when it comes to dctionaries. the local library only  
has the usual Lating tomes that refer to the Classical corpus with a  
heavy literary bias.

Does anyone know what article, dictionary or other publication I ought  
to be looking for to find specifically culinary or medical/botanical  
Middle Latin terms? >>>

These are the kind of resources I try to take note of. Not because I  
will use them, because my foreign language skills are almost non- 
existent, but because others might be able to use them. I don't  
remember if I have any that are specific to medieval Latin. And yes,  
there are some differences between Classical and medieval Latin.  
Anyway, here are a few Florilegium files in the EDUCATION section. If  
you have ever wanted to learn another language or brush up on one,  
some of the online classes listed might also be of interest.

Hist-English-lnks (12K)  1/11/06  Links to info on the history of the  
                                      language by Dame Aoife Finn of  
Ynos Mon.
Ital-Phrases-art   (8K) 11/ 2/02  "Useful Italian phrases from Florio"
                                      by Lord Anton de Stoc.
languages-msg     (88K)  9/ 5/09  Sources for learning Anglo-Saxon,  
Latin-msg         (36K)  2/ 4/08  Learning Latin. Some basics. WWW  
Latin-online-art  (15K)  6/10/99  Learning Latin On-Line" by Gunnora

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