[Sca-cooks] I had a small problem ...

Martin G. Diehl mdiehl at nac.net
Wed Nov 4 20:01:36 PST 2009


A few weeks ago, A friend was cooking braised ox tail
in a commercial grade rectangular pan on my stovetop.

There was a noise and a flash of light.

At first, I thought a lightbulb in the hood over the range
had exploded.  I checked but didn't find anything broken.

Then I realized that the stove was not on anymore.

When we moved the pan into the oven, I saw liquid pooled on
the range top ... and also in the oven.

That's when I noticed a hole in the calrod heating element
that had been under the pan.

We trqnsfered the food into another pan; reset the circuit
breaker, and continued cooking the food in the oven.

Please take a look at the images here,

As you can see, when the burner element failed and shorted
out, it punched a hole in the bottom of the pan.  Technically,
a plasma cutting torch!

The burner element has been replaced.

I was able to find a replacement pan.

The old pan isn't usable ... but I wonder, could it be repaired?

Any thoughts on that?

I am,
In Service to the Dream

Martin G. Diehl

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