[Sca-cooks] persimmons

debbie pond pursey42 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 5 07:26:54 PST 2009


While this is not period, I saw this recipe for broiled persimmons on the Martha Stewart Show the other day.  She said that while it is possible to eat them raw, that they have a somewhat gritty texture in that form.  I have not tried this recipe, but plan to if I come across some persimmons at the market today.


Does anyone have any period recipes that actually call for persimmons?  
I think of those mainly as an ornamental yard bush. I did do a search  
in the Florilegium and all I have there is passing comments when  
talking about other fruits. Definitely no recipes or mentions on SCA  
feast menus.
Has anyone else eaten one of these? What was your impression of them?  
Better than Shoshanna's?

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