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My local Gerbs is carrying them. How do you know their ripe? The ones G
carries is firm like a sweet pepper and orange in color.
They looks like this
How do you tell the difference between European and American Persimmons?
Sorry, life got busy and I havn't been keeping up with a lot of threads.
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Persimmons are only good when they are completely ripe...if they are even a
little bit on the green side, they will turn your mouth inside out.

Can't recall seeing them in regular markets, though they may show up
seasonally in specialty markets...and they are part of Japanese and Chinese
cookery. This web site
a lot of good information and modern recipes can be found on the FoodTV web


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> I was reading over some of my unread digests and Shoshanna(?) (Susan Lin)
> said:
> <<< What about persimmon?  I for one had a horrible reaction (I'd say
> allergic
> reaction but I've been told I'm not allowed to say allergic unless I've
> been
> diagnosed as such) to eating one once but is it possible it was a
> and not an apple or a quince.  >>>
> Does anyone have any period recipes that actually call for persimmons? I
> think of those mainly as an ornamental yard bush. I did do a search in the
> Florilegium and all I have there is passing comments when talking about
> other fruits. Definitely no recipes or mentions on SCA feast menus.
> Has anyone else eaten one of these? What was your impression of them?
> Better than Shoshanna's?
> Are they available in the grocery stores? I don't think I've seen them for
> sale, but then that may be a regional thing if folks do find them edible.
> I did see fresh quinces several weeks ago (at Central Market) and
> considered buying one to try it. But at $1 each, I didn't want to buy
> several w/o a recipe and wasn't sure if I could eat it raw just to try
>  But at that price, no wonder folks have said it was cheaper to buy the
> pre-made quince paste than to make it yourself. Which is what I did for my
> recent Nobles Luncheon.
> Thanks,
>  Stefan
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