[Sca-cooks] An Event Without a Feast, was Cookery book at Longleat House?

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On Nov 8, 2009, at 2:24 PM, lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:

> On Nov 8, 2009, at 8:40 AM, Judith Epstein wrote:
>> Maybe a couple of events without feasts would clarify the issue of
>> the relative importance of cooks for them.
> Johnnae replied:
>> You must understand that major events, even events like Crowns
>> and Coronations, routinely run without feasts in this kingdom.
>> Some offer hotel catered banquets that don't sell out and get  
>> canceled.
>> Others never plan a feast to start with.
>> Even the 40th ran with just lunch taverns.
> Well, out here in The West, there are NO Kingdom level events  
> guaranteed to have a feast.
> We have no lunch tables, day boards, or feasts at our 3 Crown  
> Tourney and 2 Coronation camping events, including TWELFTH NIGHT  
> Coronation, which usually happens in a hotel and does NOT have a  
> catered meal. There's a room set aside for eating in where it's  
> strictly BYO.
> We used to have feasts at our two Collegia per year. But first each  
> Collegium went from a 2-day to a 1-day event with a feast on  
> Saturday night, and then feasts were curtailed for two reasons: 1)  
> the sites we usually use, schools, don't let us use there  
> professional kitchens and often have no home ec. room anymore, and  
> when they do they usually have home-grade not-fully-functional  
> electric stoves; and 2) not many people stayed for the feast. Now  
> we're only having one Collegium per year because it's such a money  
> loser. Small groups of dedicated foodies sponsored the Perfectly  
> Period Feast in 2007 (English, early 15th c.) and next year there  
> will be a late period Spanish PPF.
> I'm not very up on feasts in other Western Principalities and in our  
> Marches, but in The Principality of the Mists we have 3 feasts per  
> year: two Investitures, and one Bardic Competition and Feast, which  
> has been losing money. The Investiture Feasts are often poorly  
> attended, too, especially the Fall one (Nov. 21 this year) because  
> it's usually pouring rain and people want to get home before it's  
> too dark and dangerous to drive.
> Some branches of the Mists have feasts in December - that's when  
> most of the feasts are. And because they're at branch level - barony  
> (not as big a deal out here, since they are subordinate to the  
> principality they're in), province, shire, canton, college - these  
> feasts are quite often not historically accurate, and often pot  
> lucks. Some branch "feasts" during the lighter time of the year are  
> just your basic American cook-outs.
> So, no historical feasts? There are very few anyone would really  
> miss. Not much of a threat...

I'm thinking that around here, we need to have a sit-down with the  
Usual Suspect event-steward and cook types and brainstorm on some  
alternatives, including events without feasts, feasts with cold dishes  
or dishes cooked off-site but nearby, keeping pots of food warm in big  
insulated cooler boxes, portable burners and ovens, etc. It is doable,  
but growing harder every year.

The vacuum-sealed boil-in-bag thing worked pretty well for me  
yesterday, but it would be nice if solutions could teach a bit about  
period cookery, too. I guess if people get to eat it, it still can,  
but there's something lost when your period cooking becomes an airline  


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