[Sca-cooks] boke of cokery 1500 -- Potage for somer season

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Sun Nov 8 14:42:57 PST 2009

There has been some discussion about the copyright restrictions of the EEBO-microfilm and digital version of the microfilm of the "boke of cokery" (1500).

It is my understanding that the microfilm in the collection, for which universities, research institutes and whoever has access to EEBO pay huge sums, is protected by copyright laws. I have no problem with that.

It is also my understanding, that work based on intellectual efforts, using this (public) collection, is due to the person who did the work.

In the following case, the person who did the work is me. I transcribed one recipe from the boke of cokery (1500) together with a Scully-type line-by-line-version from Napier's edition (1882), whatever faulty this edition might be.

Is this illegal? I don't think so.


A: This is the boke of cokery (1500). EEBO; STC / 1598:09 
B: Robin Napier (ed.): A Noble Boke off Cookry Ffor a Prynce Houssolde ... 1882. [Books.Google.com]

A: Potage for somer season.
B: To make potage for somer sessone

A: UAke felettes of porke and of vele welle beten
B: TAK felettes of pork or of befe well betten

A: in a morter rawe / and in the betynge alaye
B: in a mortair rawe and in betteinge alay

A: thy flesshe with egges / thanne take vp the flessh in
B: the fleshe with egges than tak up the fleshe in 

A: a fayre vessell and put therto pouder of clowes pou=der
B: a faire vesselle and putt ther to pouder of cloves pouder 

A: of peper + salte / colour it with saffron + meddle 
B: of pepper and salt and coloure it with saffron and mele 

A: it well togyder thanne make therof smale pylottes
B: it well --_________ and mak ther of small pilotes

A: and put theym in the panne with water boylynge
B: and cast them into a pan with watir boiling

A: on the fyre / + whan they be well boyled put theym 
B: on the fier and when it is well boiled put them

A: in a fayre vessell / thanne take almonde mylke made
B: in a faire vesselle then tak almonde mylk mad 

A: with broth of fresshe beef + put it in to a fayre potte
B: with brothe of freshe beef and put it in a faire pott

A: do therto clowes maces pruynes raysyns of corans
B: putt ther to hole cloves mace pynes raysins of corans

A: + gynger mynced grete : then sette the potte on the
B: gengile mynced then set the pot on the 

A: fyre + styre it well togyder + put the pylottes in the
B: fiere and sturr it welle and put the pilotes in the 

A: potte + lete theym haue one boylle or two + koloure
B: pot and let them haue one boyle or twaine and colour
A: it cawdell hewe and salte it and serue it.
B: with cawdelle hewe and salt it and serve it.


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