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If this has already been addressed, hit the button now.  I am going through
the digests as quick as I can.  But, something I have seen here in the
Outlands is directly related to new construction sites and their insurance.
 It seems that most of the new buildings require either a caterer, or
someone who is in direct employment with the kitchen to actually cook the
food.  Some will allow warm ups, others not at all.  Churches are not always
affected, but the fraternal organizations and government buildings seem to

Our city (Cheyenne) built a really nice new community center, seats 500 if
both sides of the center are used, but only has a warm up kitchen with an
iddy biddy microwave and a wall of electrical outlets.  Pot lucks would be
fine, they said.  So I not so tongue in cheek suggested that our meal would
be pot luck, in roasters and cooked outdoors on the fire grates, for 300
people. The fact that cooks in the guild would be cooking courses in those
roasters for 300 people not withstanding.  Sometimes there are ways around
it, sometimes not.


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> Kiri wrote:
> In Atlantia, the only events that don't have feasts are demos and a rare
> tourney that involves only fighters.  And most events feature
> fighting...but again there are a few exceptions, particularly during the
> winter.  Our Twelfth NIght has a feast, though with the numbers of peole who
> attend, doing this has become an exercise in creativity.  Probably the
> largest group we have served was a number of years back when we fed 600 + at
> Atlantia's Twentieth Year celebration.  And we served it outdoors in the
> middle of what turned out to be a hurricane!
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> Overall I agree with Kiri, although Bright Hills Day of Dance is a potluck
> and the Kingdom Universities I've attended in Atlantia had no feast.  I'm
> not sure whether Unevent has a feast.  But all of these are unique events
> not so well suited to feasts.  I am sure that cooks refusing to cook would
> be a big deal here in Atlantia.  When I was in Ansteorra and in the East
> Kingdom, I do not remember attending events without feasts, but I don't
> remember those cooks getting as much recognition as is given here in
> Atlantia.  I remember events with and without feasts in the Outlands.
> It seems a great loss both to the cooks and to the populace in the western
> kingdoms to not have feasts as a regular feature.
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