[Sca-cooks] Stefan's recent Nobles Luncheon at the BG 30th

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Nov 8 23:02:09 PST 2009

Johnnae replied to me with:
<<< Stefan said--
Your menu does have a strong advantage over mine. With the exception
of the fresh fruit, most of this could be made up over weeks or even
months ahead of time, as time permits and not have to be rushed in
the last couple of days before the fresh ingredients would spoil.

Menu/article is at

This should be in your files of articles to add to Florilegium. >>>

Thank you. I did get your email on this, but I haven't had a time to  
work on it. This will give me another bit of info for the file/article  
as well. I'm sure that you've written a lot of articles I'd love to  
give a new life in the Florilegium. Don't want to be too piggy,  
though. Or bother you with an overwhelming number of requests.

<<< And your selection would be great for a Yule dayboard or dessert
board. A Renaissance buffet? The sort of meal they built the rooms
for.  Hmmm. I'm going to have to keep this list in mind. Maybe if I
want to make a splash at our baronial Yule pot luck...

It's a banqueting menu suitable for a sideboard. >>>

Okay, yes a banquet course was what I was thinking of. But since  
"banquet" has morphed into another meaning today, I wasn't really sure  
if that was what I was thinking of, or not. Most sideboards/dayboards  
that I've heard of are more general meals or snack tables rather than  
dessert specific.

<<< Tamarind candy? The only place I've seen tamarind was in Indian  

Something I came across.>>>

Something you came across in a store as a candy? (I've seen it that  
way) or that you found in a modern cookbook? Or that you found in a  
period cookbook? And if the latter, where?

<<< What is the recipe for the "Spice (Dutch Taai-Taai) Cookies".

They are discussed in the book Windmills in My Oven among other  
places. >>>

What is this "Windmills in My Oven"? I've never heard of it. Is it a  
modern Dutch cookbook? Or traditional? Or even with period recipes?   
Or is this a modern recipe for something you think comes close to a  
period cookie? Still, like the Christmas cookie exchange of previous  
years, this still might be a nice cookie to try, if you're willing to  
post the recipe.

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