[Sca-cooks] an event *with* a feast out West

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Mon Nov 9 09:55:40 PST 2009

Gwyneth wrote:
>Just to dispel a rumour that the West doesn't have feast, I visited
>out there last March 2009 and attended the White Shield tournament.
>They had a sumptuous 4 course feast (Feast of the 4 Kates) for
>approximately 100 people or so. This I would consider to be a standard
>sized Midrealm feast. I was also told of a Hunt-themed feast that
>occurs in early December.

My point was the Kingdom of the West itself doesn't have feasts, 
since Collegia stopped having them regularly. As i mentioned in my 
first message, there *are* feasts in the Principalities and other 
branches of the kingdom.

White Shield is a Barony of Darkwood event, not a Kingdom of the West 
event. The Barony of Darkwood is a branch of the Principality of the 
Mists. Whether the menu is historically based or not depends on the 
head cook, it isn't always.

>If the West allegedly doesn't have feasts, then where does my buddy
>Baron Aelf of King's Crossing get dishpan hands from doing all those
>dishes at the events? ;)

Aelf has been of invaluable assistance to me at a number of my 
feasts, which i have cooked at the Principality, Province, and Shire 
levels. He has washed dishes for many other cooks at those three 
levels and at barony and canton level feasts. He is a great guy and 
deserving of being baronized :-)

But the Kingdom of the West itself doesn't have any regular feasts. 
One may find a feast at a Collegium Occidentalis or may not. One may 
find a feast at Kingdom A&S or may not (so far 3 out of 11 years). 
While there may on rare occasions be a potluck gathering on the Eric, 
there are no actual feasts open to the populace at Crown Tourneys or 
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita
A feast cook who lives in The West

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