[Sca-cooks] IKA: Kingdom funding feast (was Minor rant Re: An Event Without a Feast, was Cookery book at Longleat House?)

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Nov 9 10:51:13 PST 2009

--On Monday, November 09, 2009 10:40 AM -0800 lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:

> The Kingdom of the West now funds no feasts. The Perfectly Period Feast
> of a few years ago was held as if it were a class. And the people who
> were involved in making it happen put up the funds for the food, casting
> pewter spoons for every diner, making ceramic serving dishes, building
> the benches we all sat on, making their own period garb out of period
> materials, etc. I'm not quite sure how the three "taverns" at Kingdom A&S
> were funded, but the kingdom didn't put up the money for them.

Just as an aside/interkingdom anthropology note -- I just realized that
part of this discussion was about the kingdom funding feasts. Wow, it took
awhile because (IKA), in AEthelmearc, nearly all events have feasts, I've
never been to a kingom level event without at least a day-board (and
Coronation/Crown Tourney always have feasts), but the Kingdom of
Aethelmearc never funds feasts. All events/feasts -- including kingdom
level events -- are the responsibility of the local hosting group to pay
for. The kingdom shares the profits, but takes no risk on losses (I suppose
if a small group lost their entire bank account, there might be some
special reimbursement, but this is not a usual practice).

The idea that the Kingdom funds would or should fund a feast is a little
strange to me, as is some folks considering such funding as indicative of a
kingdom's commitment to the culinary arts.  YMMV, of course

Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled discussion.

toodles, margaret

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