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<<< Susan Lin wrote:
> Okay - I'm thoroughly confused - I saw compost and just assumed you  
> were
> talking about fertilizer.
> Please explain, what is this "compost" of which you speak?

It's in one of the Middle English cookbooks (I don't remember which one
at the moment), and a more modernized spelling would be 'compote'. It's
basically a variety of fruit in a solution of wine/vinegar/honey or some
variation thereof. >>>

Lol! I think I posted a question very much like Shoshanna's when this  
topic first came up on this list.

Here is a file on compost in the FOOD section of the Florilegium. It  
contains a number of different recipes. This was a method to preserve  
various fruits and vegetables as they were harvested. You would put  
your first batch of fruit or vegetables in the pickling solution when  
it was ripe and then as different fruits and vegetables ripened and  
were harvested they were added to the same container and more pickling  
solution is added, as the season progresses.

compost-msg       (82K)  8/25/06  A pickled food of fruits and  

<<< There's also a recipe for 'Garbage', which is a bunch of savory  
bits in
a solution. It starts out with chicken feet, so IMNSHO the name made be
appropriate. ;-)

'Lainie >>>

Do you have a favorite recipe for this?  I do get some hits on  
"garbage" in the Florilegium, but this is not what most of them are  
referring to.

My wife pointed out to me in our local, regular grocery store recently  
several trays of chicken feet in the meat section. I don't think she  
liked my comment. At least it wasn't what she was expecting. I asked  
her if she wanted me cook them up; that I had a medieval dish to use  
them. Now I really do!

I wonder if this is a seasonal item, since I've never seen them for  
sale before.  Anyone know any other good uses for chicken feet? They  
were cheap.

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