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> Or that Caid, even though it has wonderful weather, has
> little in the way of camping events.
I beg to differ.  We have camping events.  Just not every weekend.  We have three major wars: Great Western War, a week-long camping war over Columbus Day weekend +; Potrero War a week=long camping war over Memorial Day weekend; and Highland War, a four day camping war over Labor Day weekend.  We have about two A&S three day cabin camping events; one in January and one in March.  There are about four other two day camping events, done by local groups, depending on group, the availability of an place big enough to hold a lot of campers, the cost of renting the place and the safety.  In the Greater Los Angeles area, with our 15,000,000 people, space is expensive and usually in areas that even the police would not want to camp in.

> Places where even the furtherest groups are only a short
> drive away (Caid, Trimaris) and others where the closest
> groups are hours away.

Yes, Mainland Caid is tiny compared to the Midrealm, but Caid as a whole is probably bigger that most kingdoms, when you count in the Barony of Western Seas [Hawaii].  Driving there takes on a whole 'nuther set of skills that most SCAdians have to contend with and takes much longer to get there than it takes to cross the Midrealm.  

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> PS: I am, of course, willing to take additional comments if
> you think I've mis-spoke of your kingdom.
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