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Tue Nov 10 09:01:25 PST 2009

Stefan wrote:
>  Judith, you are in the Middle Kingdom, right?  Are you aware that it
>  is one of the few, if not the only one, that still has arguments over
>  what is an art vs. what is a science? Because it still has different
>  offices for each.

Alys Katherine replied:
>No, we don't.  We haven't had separate offices for years.  While I can't
>tell you when the switch was made, it was probably when the Society made
>the switch.  I've seen a few places on the Internet where the two early
>symbols for Art and for Science still exist, instead of the replacement
>symbol of an arch and candle for the combined A&S.

The West Kingdom and the Principality of the Mists both still have 
separate Arts and Sciences officers. The Principality of Cynagua 
switched recently to a single officer, this year i think. Branches 
have only one A&S officer, when they have one - many do not.

There is currently talk about rolling them into one office at the 
Kingdom level, and the Principality of the Mists may follow.
Urtatim al-Qurtubiyya bint 'abd al-Karim al-hakam al-Fassi
current Minister of Sciences
former Minister of Arts
Principality of the Mists

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