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Tue Nov 10 13:54:48 PST 2009

Alys Katherine replied to me with:

<<< Stefan wrote:
> Judith, you are in the Middle Kingdom, right?  Are you aware that it
> is one of the few, if not the only one, that still has arguments over
> what is an art vs. what is a science? Because it still has different
> offices for each.

No, we don't.  We haven't had separate offices for years.  While I can't
tell you when the switch was made, it was probably when the Society made
the switch.  I've seen a few places on the Internet where the two early
symbols for Art and for Science still exist, instead of the replacement
symbol of an arch and candle for the combined A&S.>>>

Oh! I stand corrected. I'm wondering if that happened in the 20 years  
I've been in the SCA and being out of kingdom, I wasn't aware of it,  
or whether I got this from old timers on the Rialto and they were  
talking about further back than I was aware.

"How do you determine whether something is an art or a science?

You throw it against the wall and if it breaks, it was an art. If it  
doesn't, it is science"

> To me, holding a fighter practice inside (in a gymnasium???!) is just,
> plain, weird.

How about in the basement of a building where the ceiling is too low to
allow for polearm practice?  Welcome to the north! >>>

Lol. I understand the reason for this. I was just commenting *to me*  
it seems weird. Even if most of the Known World, including northern  
Ansteorra, does hold fighter practices inside. Of course I don't like  
cold and would probably do the same if I lived north of the Barony of  
the Steppes where it is cold...

What do you do for tournaments? Outside? Do you plow away that white  
stuff, uh, snow, or fight on top of it? Are spikes allowed on fighting  
boots? :-)

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