[Sca-cooks] Going crazy trying to find cervelatte recipe

David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Fri Nov 13 08:11:21 PST 2009

The cervelatte from the Italian sources all have cheese in them (mostly parm
or hard cheese but one has fresh or new cheese).
The one from Ouverture does not.

On 11/13/09 7:37 AM, "Johnna Holloway" <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:

> There's also the recipes "Ouverture de Cuisine" translation by © 2006
> Daniel Myers -
> Second Book.
> Which treats for making sausage of Bologna, & many types of pastry,
> then the meat of sea fish, & other types, with all kinds of jelly.
> To make Bologna sausage.
> Take six pounds of slightly fatty pork, & cut into slices, & put in a
> cloth, put it in a press to squeeze out the blood, & let sit one hour
> in the press until the blood is all out, then chop it coarsely, not
> too small, put therein four ounces of salt, an ounce of pepper, grind
> coarsely, one ounce of cinnamon well powdered with a fine sieve, & mix
> all together with the salt, & put into the meat, & take eight ounces
> of Spanish wine, & mix it well by hand for a half hour, when all will
> be incorporated into the meat, then take beef intestines that are
> thicker than you want the sausage, then fill with the meat as hard as
> possible, & have a thick eplingue at hand for always piercing the
> intestine, at the end that doesn't have any hole therein, & that the
> meat will be well compacted, then tie the intestine well closed
> thereon & thereon of the length that you want to have the sausage,
> then have a cauldron of boiling water on the fire, & put to boil the
> sausages in three or four boilings, & cut them apart, then hang them
> at the chimney five or six days until they are well dried.
> To make mortadella.
> Take six pounds of meat like above, & put therein two ounces of salt,
> half an ounce of pepper like above, an ounce of powdered cinnamon,
> four ounces of grated parmesan, then mix well with the meat, & fill
> the intestines, & make sausage, like you want to have, large or small.
> Note they can be eaten hot with various cole flowers or others.
> To make fine Ceruelade.
> Take six pounds of meat like above, but it shouldn't be too fatty,
> then take a half ounce of pepper, & half ounce of cinnamon, & half
> ounce of nutmeg, a little saffron, moistened with a bit of Spanish
> wine that with the others, then make sausages like the others.
> These would have been mid 1580's with publication in 1604.
> Johnnae
> On Nov 11, 2009, at 11:27 PM, David Walddon wrote:
>> Hopefully after this weekend we will add to the post.
>> Interesting stuff the cervelatte.
>> We have many recipes from several different Italian regions and three
>> centuries. I am going to focus on the Martino ones and the Scappi one.
>> I think another friend is going to do one from the Venetian
>> manuscript.
>> I will take pictures and post on Sunday.
>> Eduardo
>> On 11/11/09 8:23 PM, "Johnna Holloway" <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:
>>> I ran the search under Scappi cervelatte
>>> using just those two terms and it popped up.
>>> Johnnae
>>> On Nov 11, 2009, at 11:18 PM, David Walddon wrote:
>>>> I knew I had the information somewhere.
>>>> You mean I should have checked my blog? ! :)
>>>> I wonder why it didn't come up on a global search.
>>>> Thank you.
>>>> Second half of the mortadella recipe.
>>>> Eduardo
>>>> On 11/11/09 8:09 PM, "Johnna Holloway" <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:
>>>>> Try here
>>>>> http://www.vastrepast.net/Davids_Site/Old_Food/Entries/2009/8/30_Cervelatt
>>>>> e 
>>>>> :
>>>>> _a
>>>>> _Sausage_Making_Adventure.html
>>>>> Johnnae
>>>>> On Nov 11, 2009, at 9:45 PM, David Walddon wrote:
>>>>>> So I have gone through all my e-mail and Scappi several times
>>>>>> and I
>>>>>> can not
>>>>>> find the cervelatte recipe!
>>>>>> I know it is the second half of another recipe but for the life of
>>>>>> me I
>>>>>> cannot find it.
>>>>>> Any help out there?
>>>>>> Eduardo

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