[Sca-cooks] : Ginger.

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Fri Nov 13 21:39:26 PST 2009

>I was told I shouldnt gather my Ginger until it blooms. Is there a 
>reason to it? It has filled my basket I had it growing in and want 
>to gather it before the freeze. It has not bloomed nor has it 
>attempted to... it just spread everywhere lol.

A clump needs to be about two years old to flower.

If you are growing ginger root in the garden you can start stealing 
little bits of it once it is about four months old. Just dig 
carefully at the side of a clump. (This "green ginger" does have a 
lot less flavour than the mature stuff, though.)
The best time to harvest ginger is any time after the leaves have 
died down. Usually it takes eight to ten months to get to that point.


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