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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sat Nov 14 08:32:04 PST 2009

When we were in Hawaii in 2007, I went in search of ginger
and the plants.  There are numerous varieties of ginger, (maybe as  
many as 1200 plus species) most of which are ornamental in nature and  
little known outside of the islands or Southeast Asia or India. The  
National Tropical Botanical Garden on the island of Kauai contains an  
outstanding collection of  rare ornamental gingers. The brochures  
describe them as "While designed primarily as a display garden, some  
areas in Allerton Garden focus on distinct collections. One section is  
devoted to an impressive collection of plants in the order  
Zingiberales, which includes Heliconia (in the Heliconiaceae), Costus  
(spiral gingers, in the Costaceae or Costus family), Calathea (in the  
Marantaceae or Prayer Plant family), and Etlingera (torch gingers in  
the Zingiberaceae or Ginger family)."

   Here's an extension service .pdf Ornamental ginger, red and pink on  
the subject


On Nov 14, 2009, at 9:00 AM, Elaine Koogler wrote:

> We had access to ginger plants when I lived in Papua New Guinea.   
> There were
> two type of blooms, both gorgeous...white and a kind of fuschia to red
> color.  I would purchase the flowers at the local market, a kind of  
> farmers
> market, and their fragrance served as an air freshener in our  
> house!  So
> they didn't just look pretty, they smelled wonderful without being
> obnoxious!
> Kiri

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