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> Is there any period recipes for swordfish? :)

De Nola has three.  :-)

Swordfish in crust. Take the swordfish, and being well-cleaned and
washed, cut it into pieces or rounds; and make the empanadas in the
manner that you wish; and take the spices which are long pepper, and
ginger, and salt, all well-ground, and cast it upon the rounds of the
swordfish. And being put into its empanadas with its spices, and its
preparation, let it go to the oven to cook. And when they wish to eat,
cast a little juice of oranges or unripe grapes, mixed with rosewater,
and before putting it in the oven, cast on a little oil.

188. Swordfish in casserole. After cleaning and washing the swordfish
well, make of it slices or rounds as thick as two fingers; and take
spices well-mixed with good herbs which are moraduj which is marjoram,
and parsley, and mint, and set it to cook over the coals or in the
oven; and when it begins to boil, cast in blanched almonds and
raisins. And let everything cook together, and cast in a little
verjuice or orange juice. But before it is put in the oven, cast in a
little oil.

189. Swordfish on the grill. Cut the swordfish as if you were going to
roast it, and remove everything that is inside; and set it to roast on
the grill, greasing it with oil, little by little. Then make your
light sauce which is orange juice, and pepper, and oil, and salt, and
a little water; and you will put all this in a small pot, and when
they want to eat, put it on a plate; and cast on the said sauce with
the other herbs: parsley, and mint, and marjoram.

>From my translation.

If you want to stay with the cheesy plastic sword theme -- and
considering that this is supposed to be an appetizer dish -- I'd
suggest making small empanadas, and using the little sword-shaped

Brighid ni Chiarain

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