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Greetings, Salutations, Gothendagen, Hi!
My name is Aelina Vester-lundr or AElina the Saami. ...  I currently live in the Kingdom of Caid.
In the mundane world my family lives on a gluten and sugar free diet and now low potassium..... Doc did ask to me to reduce my caffine, however, to a Swede that is like stopping breathing. 
We have looked at the Sugar Free Honey before as an alternative to sugars. It has an ingredient called Xylitol, which is sugar based but low on the glycemic index. Apparently, it was created for cosmetics and for toothpastes. 
From experience cooking with any of the artificial sugars will alter the flavors of whatever you are baking and making.
We have had a lot of fun with agave syrup. It's yummy but light on the pallate. It is considered a "New World sugar." 
Here is a pecan pie recipe we have used. It is from Cooks.com. http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1837,150160-246194,00.html
We just subsitute the ready made pie crust with a gluten free one. The gluten free diet is also benefical to diabetics because rice, tapioca, and corn meal tend to be lower on the glycemic index then the heavier starches/flours.  
I apologize if I have created any faux paws in my first email to you all.
Bless Bless

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Kiri commented:

<<< You know, I have a recipe for Lemon Chess Pie (a southern delicacy) that has
a base similar to that of pecan pie.  I may take a crack at adapting this
recipe to that one.  I'll let you know if I succeed! >>>

Please do! I've been sorely tempted when I see those Lemon Chess or Buttermilk Pies in the grocery store...but just too many carbs and easily absorbable sugars. :-(

But with Thanksgiving dinners coming up in a short while, maybe I'll try this pecan pie.

Pecan pie seems to be another fusion dish or Old and New World ingredients. Is there anything close from period? Or is that too much sugar even for the Elizabethans?

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