[Sca-cooks] April Cookery Symposium

Ginny Beatty ginbeatty at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 05:00:50 PST 2009

My suggestion is fly into Columbus (CMH) or Cleveland (CLE?). There
are cooks in both cities who could give you crash space and a lift to
the event. Both cities are about an hour or so from Mansfield.

The spring symposium has had an average attendance of about 75 people
or so. It's a great little event, with classes being taught by a lot
of cooks in the Oaken (Ohio/Kentucky region). There's an awesome
potluck too! :) I had fun teaching a hands-on dumpling making class -
meat wrapped in starch and boiled/fried/steamed.... it's a dumpling.
We made hattes, empanadas, and potstickers.
Having the bards there in conjunction with the event may draw more
people (they can sing for their supper). Note that is a different
event from the Middle Kingdom Cook's Collegium event, which has been
usually hosted in the fall and draws people from 5 kingdoms.  There
are plans afoot to host that event in Chicago sometime in 2010.

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