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Not all "flour less cakes" are gluten free. But, most- like the Chocolate Thunder at Outback- are flourless and gluten free. Yes, I died and went to chocolate heaven that day. 
I think I have seen them also called tortes. 

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Christianna mentioned:
"I often call them tortes or Passover cakes!!!"

To which Jaume replied:
"I usually see them called "flourless chocolate cakes" - which is a
totally different beast from gluten-free cakes, "

Okay, what is/are the passover restrictions? I thought this was no leavening, but maybe that is a different holiday. You can make cakes with flour without leavening, right, (or do you get a rock?)? Or a flourless cake with leavening?

On a "flourless" chocolate cake, is that really flourless, or just made with no wheat flour?

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