[Sca-cooks] Myth of Spoiled Meat

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 21 14:02:36 PST 2009

We are proceeding from the assumption that all meat was bought and sold.  That was simply NOT the case.  Now please take this in the context it is intended.  I have never had a problem with naming it now and eating it later.   It was a fact of life where I was raised.  Poultry is meat.  no yard would be complete without a parcel of poultry in it.  Pigs, both feral and domestic, can be raised and braised. 


 Obligatory movie reference - virtual bonus points to whoever can identify the piece    "leave us the sow ... her younguns will feed us through the winter" "you've heard of the Sherwood Bandit?"  "Robin of the Hood?  Yes sir", "Pray that he is brought to us before winter".



It is no leap of faith to consider that meat was slaughtered at whatever time it was needed.  No need to consider spoiled meat any further.  Meat then was the same as meat now.  It was kept alive until it was time to kill it and eat it.    




There is no recipe needed to allow meat to dry naturally.  It is called jerky.  That meat will keep as long as it is needed and then consumed in the form of stews and soups or just eaten as it was.




I learned to hunt almost as soon as I could walk.  One of my earliest memories was copying from a piece of paper onto a wrapped package "Elk, 68".  I must have been three nearing four years old. 


Should the fresh meat need to come in smaller packages, GFLCs are meat.  Red meat protein can be had for the time it takes to prepare a deadfall, snare, or box trap.  


The idea that spoiled meat was consumed is ill-informed and just plain wrong. 


my farthings worth any rate.  Now I need to get back to the sewing project.  I've frittered away more time than I should have but I do enjoy the discourse and it is a welcome break from running over my fingers with the sewing machine.







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