[Sca-cooks] Best way to make almond milk?

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Sun Nov 22 08:04:21 PST 2009

Jim and Andi wrote:
> 'Lainie,
> Do you add hot water or cold? I have always used hot water in the food
> processor with the almonds, does cold work better?
You know, I don't remember! I suspect that warm water would help draw 
out the oils (which are the source of the almond flavor).
> I use sliced almonds because they're cheapest around here, do whole
> almonds give richer milk?
I usually use slivered almonds. Trader Joe's usually has them at a 
halfway decent price.
> My almond milk always looks like something between low-fat milk and
> skim.
You might be doing too many squeezings. I usually shoot for something 
akin to 2%, if I stir the 'cream' back in.

Oh, and just as a note- don't try to use the almond milk in the boxes 
from the grocery. It has all sorts of weird stuff added- usually sugar, 
chemical stabilizers, preservatives, etc. Put it on your Cheerios during 
Lent, but don't try to cook with it.


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